Download a Visa Application Form

TYPE OF VISA                                                       FEES

TRANSIT VISA:                                                       $ 70

SINGLE ENTRY:                                                     $ 100              

MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA (6 MONTHS):            $ 220

MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA (12 MONTHS):          $ 300



  1. A filled Visa Form
  2. Passport copy
  3. One Passport size
  4. Supporting documents i.e.
  • Air Ticket,
  • a copy of a permit (Only for those resident in Zambia)
  • a letter of invitation by the individual, Organisation or Government Ministry that one is visiting
  • any other documents relevant to the application
  1. Visa fee


  • Visas for Malawi, only allows one to enter Malawi within the validity period of the Visa, subject to fulfilling other entry requirements, and that the validity period of the Visa is not necessarily your permitted days to stay/reside in Malawi. You are given the permitted days to reside in Malawi at the port of entry by the Immigration officers
  • Visa arrangements in Malawi are on a reciprocal basis as such the list is subject to change from time to time.
  • Visa fees are payable in United States Dollars (USD)($) and in Cash.


The following categories of nationals and offices are exempted from the new visa requirements:

  • Nationals from Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries, except Angola.
  • Nationals from the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA)
  • Diplomats and Government Officials.
  • Nationals from all countries that do not require Malawians to pay Visa fees when they travel to such countries.



There are two categories of visa, those Nationals that need authorization prior to enter Malawi and those that can acquire visa upon arrival at the Port of entry. Visa Applicants are advised to check under which category they are prior to their application. Below is the PDF document, containing the Visa categories.


To apply for a visa online, visit